Speaking up and Stepping out for Justice.

About us

The Jahjaga Foundation is an initiative of former President of the Republic of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga (2011 – 2016) committed to bringing new approaches for effective and meaningful engagement and representation of marginalized groups with particular interest in women and youth in Kosovo.

Mission Statement

The overall mission of the Jahjaga Foundation is to support the democratic development of Kosovo and the Balkans in a transparent and sustainable manner. The key issues The Jahjaga Foundation wishes to address differ according to the multiplicity of experiences within Kosovar society and the Balkan region. With this in mind, theFoundation wishes to build solutions that partake of the wealth of experiences contained within the many sectors of society. This includes, for example, fostering intergenerational collaboration whereby differences in educational levels, life experiences, economic opportunities, etc., bring about better solutions to problems and to the development of needed skills for all members. The Jahjaga Foundation will strongly support the development of projects at the community level so as to empower individuals and to encourage activism from the bottom up. Hence our motto, “Speaking up and Stepping out for Justice.” The Foundation aims to displace mentalities of instrumentalization and profit for ones of public service.

Vision Statement

Strong democratic development is a multifaceted enterprise that affects the aspirations of citizens worldwide. Successful progress means being vigilant and supportive of the delicate balance that democratic societies encourage between the diversity of common and individual needs and visions of the future that coexist in all vibrant communities. Democratic development rests upon many pillars: from the development of public institutions to the expansion of economic opportunity, to the implementation of policies that ensure human rights protections to all citizens, especially to those who find themselves in vulnerable conditions of marginality. The Jahjaga Foundation will become the flagship institution for democratic development in Kosovo and the Balkan region by addressing three fundamental areas in need: (a) participation, i.e., the full incorporation of women and other social minorities into civil society, (b) its domestic and international security, and (c) the reconciliation of the region.


The governance of the Foundation is under the charge of the Executive Director. He/she is responsible for running the day to day activities of the Foundation and will report to the Board of Directors regarding the financial and managing matters.

Friends of the Foundation

The Friends of the Foundation, a group of highly distinguished international supporters, will also be the public face of the Foundation.

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board (9 members) is composed of individuals with significant experience in the world of non-profit organizations. Its main task will be to sustain fundraising efforts and to advise on and generate strategic long-term thinking and planning for the Foundation.